Can You Drill with An Impact Driver?

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You need to drive screws or drill holes, in the past days Drill was the only option to accomplish your task. But with the passage of time, you have got more options to perform efficient operation. What to use an impact driver or an ordinary drill to drill such holes or screws?

What the two tools are designed for? How they work or what makes them different? And can we use an impact driver for drilling holes? All such questions will be answered here. Let’s explore some insights of these dynamic gadgets.

What Makes Impact Driver Different From Drill Drivers?

Both drill driver and impact driver are the gadgets to drive screws or drill holes. But what makes them different from each other.

Drill Driver:

A drill driver is an all-in-one versatile tool that allows you to drill holes and drive screws with efficiency. It consists of a keyless chuck that spins on the front of the drill. This chuck feature makes it distinctive as it accepts bits of almost all shapes and sizes.

Having the capability to accept a variety of bits, the drill driver accepts round and hex-shank drill bits as well as screw driver bits. Moreover, the tool is equipped with a feature to control torque and adjust speed. Its slip clutch offers this easiness that produces a consistent screw driving with a high precision.

Impact Driver:

An impact driver having quite similar functionality to that of drill driver, but it does not own any kind of chuck. This tool is specifically designed for proficient screw driving. Its amazing motor comprises of two internal pistons that spin around when the driver is being operated.

drilling with impact wrenchHex-Shank of Impact Driver:

This feature of Impact driver makes it super fabulous in terms of screw driving. Since, it has ¼’’ Hex-Shank that is perfect for screwdriver bits.

Following are some features that highlight how an impact driver can serve you in drilling and driving.

Torque: An impact driver is designed to generate the maximum amount of torque whereas a conventional drill driver produces a constant torque. This benefit of the impact driver lets your wrist free of pressure and pain. You can use impact driver optimally for drilling or driving on harder materials. It is tested that an impact driver produces around 3 times more torque than a drill driver.

Quick Operation: A very critical factor to be considered while drilling is speed. An impact driver offers a quick turnaround with its proficient mechanism. The traditional drills are not that much quicker in terms of operation and especially in materials like wood or dry walls, the drill driver is not a smart option.

Compact Design:

Another interesting feature that makes an Impact Driver noticeable as compare to that of drill driver, is its design. It is quite light weight and compact in design. This makes the user comfortable in operating it.

Drill Holes: Although, a drill driver is used for drilling purpose, but when it comes to drill holes in hard materials, including wood, metal or dry wall, the drill drivers let you down. Here, an impact driver comes really handy. It can drill holes (in hard materials) with enhanced capability using its specific drill bits.

Durability: The durability or life of any tool is an important factor to be considered. Although, every device starts malfunctioning after some time, but proper use may lead to prolonged life. Since, drill driver with clutches break more often, they are not that much durable. While, the impact drivers are strong and durable and can produce their powerful impact action for a number of years.

impact driver for drillConclusion:

Exploring the working mechanism and features of both tools in detail, you can analyze how both tools can benefit you in drilling. Although, a drill driver is designed for drilling purpose, but an impact driver offers drilling in certain situations at a proficient rate.

Moreover, a high-quality impact driver is a must-have tool that will facilitate you with amazing driving and drilling services. In order to finish tougher jobs optimally, impact driver comes up as an instant aid.

So, get an impact driver to enjoy a safe and comfortable drilling or driving atmosphere.

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