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You have the screws, bolts and nuts. Whether to lose or tighten them, you need an efficient tool for this purpose. An impact driver is a lucrative addition to your tool set that is specifically designed to simplify such tasks.

With its multifaceted nature, the tool is great for mechanical, electrical, automotive and a myriad of jobs. With the inception of technology, the impact driver has changed its form as well. Employing a powerful battery, the tool is available in corded and cordless versions for different purposes.

Providing further easiness, the use of hydraulic compressed air as the basic operating element has transformed Impact Driver into a great tool for heavy duty projects. Hence, everywhere you will find the use of the Impact Driver/Impact Wrench as the major facilitating tool.

What is Manual Impact Driver?

Manual Impact Driver (commonly known as Hand Impact Driver) is the most basic form of this tool. It uses conventional method to be operated in order to free stuck screws, bolts and nuts. Its inner core is surrounded by the heavy outer sleeve.

By striking the outer sleeve with a Hammer, a turning force is generated on the core and the bit or socket attached to it. The driver translates rotational inertia of the sleeve to the lighter core in order to produce a greater amount of torque.

Manual impact driver/ handheld impact driver is the form that is considered physically challenging. But if energy is a crucial issue for you, it is undoubtedly the most energy saving option. Being manually operated, it needs physical hardwork, but will not require any electrical connection or battery charging.

manual impact driver

Steps to Use A Manual Impact Driver:

While using this efficient tool, following accessories are required to be in hand:

  • Hammer
  • Heavy gloves
  • Safety Goggles

Choose A Good Quality Impact Driver:

The foremost step is to select a high quality manual impact driver for your job. A number of manufacturers are designing powerful impact drivers. Always opt for a highly reputed name in order to enjoy reliable functionality with a prolonged life warranty.

Choose a Bit: The impact driver set has bits and adaptors in the case. Start operating the tool by selecting a correct bit.

Install Bit Adaptor: A very significant step is to install the bit adaptor and bit on the tool.

Note: Your purchased manual impact driver set will have all these required accessories.

Ensure A Firm Grip: Now hold the tool in your left hand (if you are a right-handed person). Make sure that you have a firm grip over the tool. A loose grip may lead to damage.

Quality Impact Driver

Note: In order to facilitate users, a comfortable rubber grip is provided these days.  

Fix The Screw: Now, fix the tool on the screw or bolt that needs to be operated.

Apply Pressure on the Tool: Start applying downward force on the tool by striking it with a hammer. While applying pressure, keep turning the impact driver in the direction you want the screw or bolt to be turned.

Note: In order to lose the screw or bolt, the direction should be clockwise, otherwise counter clockwise.

Keep Applying Enough Force: Keep applying this force and turning the driver, until the bolt or screw is appropriately loosened or fastened. As you see the screw is loosened or fastened enough, stop applying pressure.

Detach The Bit: After fulfilling your task, keep the hammer aside. Then, detach the bit from socket or bit holder. Put all things back into the case.

Tips For Using A Manual Impact Driver:

To ensure a safe and proficient use of manual impact driver, you must follow some safety tips.

  • Always make sure to remove dirt from the screw slot in order to prevent damage to screw head.
  • Take care of your hands while using this tool. Always wear gloves to prevent any damage while striking the tool with hammer.
  • Safety goggles provide an additional security.
  • As you are done with the task, remove all the parts and place them inside the case. This will prevent any part or accessory to be lost.

Following the mentioned steps and safety tips will definitely help you in using the manual impact driver productively. Buy a good quality driver and read the instruction manual before using it. Once you are familiar with its parts, use and warnings, you can enjoy a safe use of this device.

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