Impact Driver or Drill – Which One is Right For You?

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A drill refers to a versatile tool which is designed in order to drive screws and drill holes. Its keyless wedge receives a huge range of the hex and round pole drill tads and screw-driving tads, along with the rotary sanders, hole saws, wire wheel brushes and various other equipments.

cordless impact drill

The slip clutch is also included in the drills and permits you to modify and manage the amount of the force so that you can do a consistent and precise screw driving.

On the other hand, an Impact Driver looks similar to the drill, hence it has one noticeable difference. The impact driver has a collet which accepts the hex-shanked driver tads. Moreover, some technical capabilities are required to use this equipment, as well.

So, it is recommended that a mechanic or related professional must do this job. This tool works faster than other tools. Impact drivers have the capability to drive the large fasteners and provide a denser driving. This process includes the fat lag screws which would stand as the best driver.

cordless impact driver

Both gadgets being quite similar to each other in terms of functionalities offer multiple benefits. And a number of tasks can be proficiently performed with these tools.  If one of them is not accessible, the other one can be used instead.

Depending upon the nature of the project or job you are intended to perform, you may opt for any of the tools. In order to decide which tool would be a better option, you must have some insights related to the tools.

How Do They Work?

When you are aware of the working mechanisms of both tools, you will be quite comfortable in making your final selection.

How an impact drill work


  • A powered drill works with the help of a simple motor.
  • As you press the trigger, the electric motor turns on and lets the bit start spinning at the same time.
  • The modern drills are embedded with variable speed triggers so that it would be easy for the users to set the speed limit. This function makes it easy for the users to complete their project at their desired speed. The more you press the trigger, the more speedy will be the electric motor.
  • Some of the drills and drivers have the settings that allow you to adjust the high ranking speed limit that you may set for the completion of your current task.

Impact Driver:


  • Most of the functions are similar to that of a power drill. But, the motor of an impact driver is smaller than that of the drill’s motor.
  • Though, the driver has a less amount of torque but it spins at a faster rate. But an impact driver with its supplementary mechanism, can generate a higher power. That mechanism includes an anvil and a hammer which turn on at the time when power is required. And due to this mechanism, a reasonable amount of power is generated.
  • The hammers work by spinning at high speeds within the electronic motor. When the hammers move fast, then at a settled speed they strike the anvil. Due to this striking action, a sound is generated by the impact driver.
  • As a result of the entire mentioned procedure, the user has to exert the least force that lets his wrist and arms feel relaxed. This amazing feature of an Impact Driver makes them quite easy to be operated.

Which One Works Efficiently?

Both tools have almost the similar features. Hence, there are some differences that make it essential to choose best of them.

  • Undoubtedly, each tool is equipped with diverse powers and strong points. But a drill would be the best option for drilling holes.
  • When the drills are used at a lower speed, they offer an accurate control. This allows the users to drill holes in a precise manner.
  • But in order to use an Impact driver for the purpose of drilling holes, you either require a set of the drill bits or a chuck equipment.
  • To work with larger holes, an Impact driver is a great choice that would allow you to work proficiently.
  • A cordless impact driver is the best option for the screwing projects. With its quick power generation facility, the impact driver comes really handy in complex situations.
  • And when it comes to bolts and nuts, Impact Driver is an ultimate winner.
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