We are pleased to announce that Power Tool Expert (https://www.powertoolexpert.com) is merged into Geariz (https://geariz.com).

The negotiation and purchase process have been successful with the agreement from both sides of the two websites, Geariz and Power Tool Expert. In other words, on August 1, 2019, Geariz agreed to buy Power Tool Expert for $ 5000. After that, the Power Tool Expert also decided with the price of $ 5000, and the agreement was quick and successful. Geariz has officially and successfully purchased Power Tool Expert.

The primary purpose of the press release is that Power Tool Expert wants to notify all its customers that the current website is no longer in operation. All information about products, articles, data, and images belongs to Geariz. Besides, all customer care services and product information will be responsible for Geariz. Power Tool Expert thanks for your companionship during the last time. It was such a massive pleasure of the website. Another obvious point is if you need to learn about mechanical tools, especially impact wrenches, you can visit Geariz because it is a smart choice.

The merging of Power Tool Expert brand into Geariz has brought many benefits for the site. The site has a vast and accurate data source of Power Tool Expert about impact wrenches and other closely related mechanical products with impact wrenches, such as impact drivers. Besides, Power Tool Expert is a reliable website with a large number of customers. Therefore, customers will switch to using Geariz.com thanks to the introduction of Power Tool Expert. Geariz can also take advantages of the power of the domain from Power Tool Expert to reinforce its position in the market. Geariz will own all data on Power Tool Expert. Geariz’s website development team will perform screening and re-check the accuracy of all information. According to the Power Tool Expert operator, customers can trust the accuracy of data on Geariz.com. Geariz has talented and dedicated members of the executive team, so they will bring Geariz a sector to grow and be widely known by many people around the world. More specifically, Geariz.com’s representative also stated that he was confident in Geariz.com’s potential for development. Owning the Power Tool Expert is just an initial stepping stone for a stronger growth later. Please travel with us, stay with us, and support us!

Any questions about the service as well as product information will be solved by a professional customer care team of Geariz.com. You can access the following link for more details: https://geariz.com/contact-us/.

Please pick up the phone and enter the number: +1 450 954 1509 (Mr. Davis) to receive timely assistance when you need to resolve information as quickly as possible.

We always respect and acknowledge the suggestions of customers. Customers can send messages directly to the email address of the website founder.

Email address: geariz.davis@gmail.com (Mr. Davis)

Thank you for paying attention to the announcement. Geariz.com is delighted to be the first choice of customers. We promise to bring as much beneficial information to customers as possible.

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